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Professional Photographer Plymouth, Devon.


Field Trips

I will be showing you techniques for capturing artistic shots as well as tuition in camera settings. Some of the places we will be heading off to will mean early starts. Some may be difficult to get to however there will be arangements made for those less able.


Please fill in the form provided to book yourself on to an outing when the event is promoted on Andrew Laidlaw Photography Facebook page.

I am going to arrange a few field trips in the coming year to allow others to gain experience in Landscape Photography. There will be tips on settings for your camera as well as comprehensive lists of things to bring.


For a small fee of £10.00, I will provide transport on a first come first served basis. I have 6 seats in my car and I am willing to drive to many destinations in the Southwest.

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I will be hosting and providing transport on a 1st come 1st serve basis for a trip to the Merrivale area of Dartmoor, exploring Foggintor Quarry, nearby Kings Tor, The Stone Row and Megalith in the area as well as heading out to Vixen Tor and Windy Post Stone Cross.


This will be an all day event, starting at 8am and finishing at around 5pm so you will need to bring provisions for your lunch.


You will also need to bring (as well as your camera) a sturdy tripod, a cable release (if you have one), sturdy walking boots and waterproof jacket/trousers if you have them.


I will guide the walk from Princetown and we will follow the old Railway track to Foggintor Quarry where we will be looking at its structure. Following that we will head for Kings Tor, via the Stone Row and Megalith. We will then proceed to Vixen Tor and finally head back to the car, stopping briefly at Windy Post.


We will be getting a lot of the landscape of Dartmoor and I will be offering tips on settings etc.


If you would like to join me, please complete the form above and I will be in touch.


Date TBC