Andrew  Laidlaw


Some of the

items I use when out and about....

Bought this great and very handy flask recently and wouldn't be without it. Took it out with me to Dartmoor in the cold conditions, the tea that i'd made early in the morning was still piping hot 4 hours later..its quite small and useful for photographic outings where you're out most of the day.. 10/10

I recently picked up this awesome selfie stick which doubles up as a tripod. I use this for Vlogging to stabalise my videos and when i'm out and about getting those interesting view pictures.

I have left the link with the photo as I see this as an ideal gift for anyone starting out with YouTube Vlogging or How To videos...

Choosing the right filters may not be as costly as you thinks. I found this wonderful set of 58mm Neewer Filters at a very good price. The kit comes withh several filters, including ND, UV, FL and Macro Filters. They all come neatly packaged in pouches. There are also other accessories making this ideal for beginners in photography.

This little beauty has gone with me everywhere when capturing waterfalls and timelapse. The Neewer 6 in 1 Shutter Release makes your photography and videography so much easier. I used to suffer the misfortune of camera shake. I now get sharper and high quality images with this shutter release. Worth it if you're into Landscape or food photography


I picked up this handy microphone which sits on top of my camera, using the hot shoe. I use it for Vlogging and demonstration videos.

The microphone comes with 'dead cat' and normal wind screening cover. It has a standard 3.5mm plug and is suitable with DSLR

Cameras and DV Camcorders.

It really is a useful Mic, small and compact to add to your camera equipment.


Something totally different to what i've seen before is this nifty little 3 in 1 Lens Kit which I use for my iPhone 7 to get extra footage, macros or wide angle shots.

The kit comes with a 12x Tele-photo lens, a Macro and Wide-angle lens. It also comes with a small pouch, cleaning cloth and more importantly a small but useful tripod to stabalise your camera. Finally we have the clip on adapter to attach the lenses to. Suitable with iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.